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I want to offer grooming care tips because if you look better you will feel better.

 I’ve seen men walk in after cutting their own hair. I heard wives say, “Please help my husband.”

But I’ve also seen men look more confident after one of our haircuts. When you look better you feel better. You have to be the best representation of yourself and that starts with better personal grooming. I’m here to help.

I grew up around barbershops and the real conversations men would have with each other. I’d sit waiting for my father and grandfather to finish getting their haircuts. I heard men getting real with each other. Let’s talk shop now, men need better personal grooming care.

The Royal Barbershop is here to help. We offer everything from colognes to essential oils, branded apparel and so much more. But come in ask, don’t be shy. We have new stuff coming in all the time.

I’ve been in the industry for years and hire only the best barbers. They’re experienced in gentlemen cuts, fades, hot shaves and more. We’ve been in Fredericton for two and a half years so we’re still fairly new, but we’re already investing in this great city. The Royal Barbershop already sponsors several sports teams. Our customer loyalty program is one of a kind, the fifth haircut you get is on us.

Now, starting once a month I’ll offer my personal advice on men’s grooming care and let you know about some cool new products The Royal Barbershop has to offer. I trained as a barber in Nashville, Tenn. I’ve worked in the entertainment industry in  Las Vegas, Nev. I want to take all this knowledge and experience and share it with you in a monthly blog, to help you feel better about yourself.

Personal grooming starts with you. You need to be comfortable in knowing what you want and what you want to be. We’re a talented team but we can’t make you look like Brad Pitt. So start small, take pride in yourself and walk through those doors.

You’ll  get the best haircut and service in Fredericton. I hope to see some new faces at our shop, and as soon as you walk in, you can expect a hello and a warm welcome from me. We’re at 530 Queen St. but feel to free to reach out us at 506-206-6680 or at

Until next month, stay safe, and remember, it all starts with detailed personal grooming.

The Boss

The Ultimate Mancave 12/18

The Royal barber shop is creating the ultimate man cave because comfort is important to feeling and looking your best.

The Royal Barber Shop is selling liquor to make sure our customers experience is as comfortable as possible.

We started selling high end scotches, whiskeys, rum, wine and beer on Dec. 5th, and follow all of the provincial laws. We have our full liquor license that  means you have to be 19 years or older for us to serve you.

It’s important to feel comfortable while one is trying to look and feel your best. The Royal barbershop is trying to create the ultimate man cave because we’re committed to making our shop as comfortable as possible with a real sense of community and brothership.

Our barbers are the best in the city and highly skilled. They offer hot shaves, fades and gentlemen cuts. We also offer a wide variety of products for any last minute stocking stuffers. There are over 8,000 colognes on order, hoodies, toques, and our burnt whiskey balms and Dapper Dan pomades are some of our top selling products. So come in and have a look. If your not sure what to get them, let them decide we also sell gift certificates.

During the holidays, to meet the demand we’re open seven days a week. But call ahead, (506) 206-6680, it’s the busiest time of the year  so book an appointment. We are closed on Christmas day, Boxing day and News Years day however.

Along with our competitively priced liquor selection we now have an Xbox console. So while our customers are waiting for their fresh cut, they can play football, soccer, MineCraft and Marvel lego in our shop. For our retro gamers, our PAC-MAN gaming console is still waiting for fresh quarters.

First things first for these holidays is to be safe. Second, we feel it’s important to look your best during the holidays. So before any awkward family photos or staff holiday parties do yourself a favour and come in and get a fresh cut. Impressions are important and the holidays can be a stressful time, so let us take one thing off your shoulders. Come in and let us help you look your best. If you look good you’ll feel good.

One of the important aspects of the holidays is to remain a gentleman. That means being courteous,  friendly, and giving back. The Royal Barbershop is committed to giving back and is hoping to do even more, we’d like to hear from you on who needs it the most in this city.

Ten free haircuts and shaves were donated to the Fredericton Homeless shelter today. Please tell us where you think the most good could be done and you can reach us at the

Please stay safe these holidays.

Look and feel like a boss 2/19

A healthy you leads to a better looking you because your body needs to be taken care of.

Opening: Start the year off right and set a plan of how you want to look and feel, and for many that means being happier.

The Royal Barbershop works wonders and our top notch barbers offer the cleanest haircuts in town. We can’t make miracles happen though, but we do get pretty close. Be realistic of what you want  to look like. We can’t make you look like Bradley Cooper if you have two inches of hair, but we can help make you the best version of you. And that’s enough.

The most important part of your appearance comes down to you. A healthier diet and lifestyle can help improve the health of you, your hair and beard health. First, drink lots of water and set a goal to becoming the best version of you.

Ask yourself how you want to look? Envision yourself healthy and happy and set small steps of getting to that point. At the Royal Barbershop we think beard and hair health are important. Your appearance is your first presentation to the world and that should reflect the best of you. Regular haircuts and beard trims from seasoned barbers is the first steps you can take to having a healthy appearance. Next is using our line of beard oils and pommades.

Next is screening your barbers. Make sure the barber you’re using is experienced, so ask them how long they’ve been cutting? And seeing some of their previous work. I can honestly say all of  our barbers here at the Royal Barbershop have years of experience and have done great work. So coming here you’ll be in great hands.

Personal hygiene is  another step for feeling like a boss. Making sure you’re brushing your teeth regularly, brushing your hair and wearing clean clothes. Doing one thing is a reflection of how you do everything so put effort into looking and feeling great. You’re family will appreciate it.

A healthier you means more time with your loved ones and it means a sharper looking you. I’ve often said when you look better you feel better, well it’s also true when you feel better you look better. I’m interested in hearing your plans for a better you, so stop by the shop and let’s hear your plan.

The best time to start is now.

The Boss

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