The Royal Barbershop

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The Royal Barbershop

Our Approach

We strive to provide a superior classic barbershop experience in a modern shop. It is important to us that each and every customer feel at home at the Royal Barbershop. We achieve that goal by providing an unsurpassed customer service experience coupled with never before seen barbering services in downtown Fredericton.

The Royal Barbershop
The Royal Barbershop

Our Story

Robert Reese, Owner

Robert Reese, the shop owner, who trained in barbering in Nashville, TN, wanted to bring a true classic barbershop experience to Fredericton. Creating an authentic barber shop experience that included hair cuts, hot shaves, facial massages, a humidor and a shoe shine was Rob’s number one goal.


Robert grew up with the classic barbershop experience in Nashville, TN and Las Vegas,NV where he used to go with this father and grandfather. Fascinated with the atmosphere and professional results you get from a classic barbershop Robert was inspired to complete his barbering training in Nashville, TN. Upon arriving in Fredericton with his family Robert quickly found that the classic barbershop experience he was used to was not available and he set about opening the Royal Barbershop to fill that gap. Robert is thrilled to be a part of the downtown Fredericton business district

Over 36 years of combined Professional Barber experience

Professionally trained barbers that are registered with the New Brunswick Registered Barbers Association.

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