The Royal Barbershop

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Fredericton Barber Convention

On July 14th & 15th, 2023 we hosted Fredericton’s first barber convention which saw many amazing local and worldwide barbering brands come together in our city.  

There was a beard contest, barbering masterclasses, music and vendors. It was a completely unique experience! 

The Royal Barbershop

Check us out in the Maritime Edit

Thandiwe McCarthy interviews Rob Reese at The Royal Barbershop. Here’s what he had to say;

There is a place men rarely go To heal the mind and calm their woes. Across the clock it never stops, this endless Uncertainty. But what if there was such a place. Around the corner, hidden away. Where boys and men could go find peace Among the sharpest blades. There’s something real to sounds of steel. To bare one’s neck to an artist’s skill. A forge that shaves egos away And moulds a gentle man. There’s strength at both sides of the chair. A power with every word that’s shared. Through practice, care and discipline Two warriors are born.

The Global Barber Visits Fredericton North

The Global Barber visits Rob Reese’s Fredericton north location. Check out this episode on YouTube.

The Royal Barbershop

The Global Barber Visits Downtown

The Global Barber visits Rob Reese’s Royal Barbershop downtown location. Check out the episode on YouTube. 

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